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Harmony with Interior

At Thomas & Betts we realize, you only want to see visible electrical products like emergency lighting only when needed, in case of an emergency and evacuation. Starting point in the design of all our products is that it allows you to harmonize with your interior design of the building, whether it is a fancy retail store, hotel or restaurant or renovated warehouses with an industrial look & feel inside.

For sports halls or swimming pools you want products that do the job in the environment and still fit the interior. To make sure requirements of the architect, owner or renter are met, we developed a portfolio of high end designs & color finishes to harmonize with your interior.

Featured Products

We offer a variety of product ranges that perfectly match your interior design:

Serenga exit - high tech flat frame LED exit sign

Serenga light - very small, available in white, silver, black

Horizon - modern curved designed LED exit signs

Endurance - slim LED exit sign, available in white, silver, black

Ty-Rap - premium cablies ties available in more then 10 colors

Adaptaflex - shiny metallic or white flexible conduits & fittings

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