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Rail Transportation

At Thomas & Betts, we understand the challenges you face in the Rail market today. We’re focused on providing electrical solutions that address the critical issues in every area of your operation, so you can focus on your key goals of delivering solutions that meet the demands of:

  • Urbanisation
  • Continuous mobility
  • People safety
  • Sustainability and the environment

Our family of electrical solutions matches specific application criteria from start to finish across all rail sectors. Assuring the quality and reliability of your electrical system throughout your network, rolling stock and infrastructure from incoming raw materials through shipping of finished goods. And with the industry’s most efficient distribution system, we are prepared to meet your ongoing needs wherever in the world they are needed.

What issues do you face?

Together with you we provide:
  • Corrosive & Harsh Environment Protection
  • Extreme Temperature Protection
  • Hazardous Environment Protection
  • Liquid Ingress Protection
  • Safety & Contamination
  • Total Project Cost Reduction
  • Continuous operation & Sustainability
  • Grounding & Bonding

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